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ProgressGuide’s Map 2018Q1 

I thought it would be best to be transparent and share what our Map looks like so that you know. BHAG – Big Hairy AudaciousĀ Goal To be a household name among founders, business owners, and the startups/small business community and get the support of $1…

Impact Reporting Chart
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Impact Reporting 

This is also known as sustainability reporting, benefit reporting, or impact reporting. While many companies choose to or are required to produce a formal impact, benefit or sustainability report, this question credits the sharing of the information itself rather than just its formality. Review your…

B Corporation Declaration
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A Force for Good 

A couple of months ago, my mentor has mentioned about the concept of being a B – Corp. I had never heard of it, but I wrote it down and then searched about it later. Turns out, the concept is all about doing the best…