How 3D visualization can help avoid potential issues of a project

Sep 16, 2021

16 mins

Have you ever had clients who suddenly wanted to change the design of their home, even if the house is elegantly designed because they wanted a different theme--probably a rustic or a retro-inspired one? 

The potential issues 

Have you ever had clients who suddenly wanted to change the design of their home, even if the house is elegantly designed because they wanted a different theme--probably a rustic or a retro-inspired one? 

Or maybe as a client, you have experienced it yourself because you just realized that you want the opposite?

It must have been frustrating.

After spending a lot of money in the initial construction period, you suddenly realize the color, texture, and material used don’t match what you exactly want.

Good thing this type of issue is no longer happening nowadays because of 3d visualization.  

3D visualization in construction shows how a construction project will look based on the planned design once it's entirely constructed. Through this technology, you can easily see the exterior and interior look of a house as well as its front view, rear view, or top view. 

With the help of 3d visualization, you or your client can quickly identify potential errors in the design, which helps prevent any major revision during home construction and, in return, spares you from paying an additional cost.   

Design failures and additional costs are not the only potential issues that 3d visualization can resolve. Here are some more: 

Misunderstanding between the client, architect, interior designer, and the contractor about the house design

The design that the client has in mind might be different from what the home builders exactly imagined when their client described it. Even if they communicate well, without 3d visualization, each personnel may conceive certain house aspects differently, resulting in multiple confusion, internal conflict, and ultimately, client dissatisfaction.

With the existence of 3d visualization, the home builder's idea of the whole house's design will be synchronized with what the client exactly meant--the color, texture, materials, the total experience-- resulting in a guaranteed satisfaction for the client. 

Future conflicts that may arise during the project construction

In relation to the potential issue mentioned previously, since home builders have different ways of interpreting the design, different strategies and methods might be employed, resulting in internal conflicts that could eventually slow down the project. 

However, with the use of 3d visualization, this problem can be prevented. Since 3D visualization showcases almost part of the house, it helps everyone in the team be aware of the client-approved design, enabling them to understand better why specific methods in constructing that particular house need to be employed. Since everyone is on the same page, the operation will be faster and more efficient. 

Costly Marketing Campaign

For those building a home without any clients yet, 3d visualization could make marketing more manageable and less costly, especially nowadays where covid restrictions are religiously implemented. By simply showcasing their project virtually, more people could be persuaded into buying the home than by simply showing a rendering of it, thus making the process lighter, cheaper and effective. 

Final thoughts

Design failures, the additional cost of construction, misunderstanding between the client and the home builder, internal conflicts that may arise during the project construction, and costly marketing campaigns of some of the potential issues that 3d visualization could resolve. Actually, there's more to this technology! Aside from resolving those potential issues, utilizing 3D visualization in your projects could offer more to you! If done excellently and effectively, your carefully thought-about 3D visualization can get you a larger market share, establish your brand, and it could even allow you to operate in the long run. So, the next question is, how do you get 3D visualization services that produce high-quality 3D renderings with reasonable pricing?

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This article was last updated on Jun 14, 2022